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Under online job works we undertake online orders and our clients can buy readymade pattern with their design, spec sheet and grading (according to your requirement). You can email a sketch and programme for making a new pattern and we can readily cater to them in most efficient way. We, at apparel solution , take care complete to do the following:

We make all kinds of Pattern online job work like women's wear, men's wear, Kid's wear etc. Our patterns are made on CAD and Manually. High fashion designing is done according to the sketch. We use cut & slash method technology. Also, we offer programmers like, fit pattern, making first pattern, pp pattern & provide only pattern making of patterns grading. You can provide us a sketch program, after the approval of pp pattern. Provide the production shrinkage % for patterns grading with shrinkage. This program is called as professional program. Exporter has to use seam allowance and accessories marking as provided on pattern for production. Exporter shall pay the courier charges.


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